An ongoing series where people will be wearing a traditional handcrafted birch bark hat. Not sure where this will lead me.

  1. Antti Hyytinen.
  2. Niina

The first thought for this series started with a meme. I always chuckled when I saw the birch bark hat picture, captioned "Mitäs täällä on puuhattu". Then I stumbled on Peter Hollidays photo, Portrait of an Old Man Wearing Tuohi. I started reading up on birch crafts and how the skill is quite rare nowadays. I thought I could try to show this somehow in a contemporary context.

For the non Finnish speaking folks: "Mitäs täällä on puuhattu" is a pun in finnish. Think of it like "What's here" plus "been happening / a wooden hat"

So far the hats are from Tuohimuori (Birch back grandma).

If you want to get to know more about these tuohi masters, check out these articles.