Still waters

Trying to capture the stillness of floating, while showing the passage of time.

Model: Salli

Technique: Nikon D610 for the first shot. The rest were shot on medium format film. Bronica SQ-A, 80mm & 150mm, Kodak Portra 160.

Extras below.

  1. We had blue glittery water in later shots. I sampled it to the background and people seemed to like it, so here it is. My personal preference is that high exposure film look though.

  2. Black & white version of the floating & staring into the abyss. With a blue filter, the picture looked to my eye like a hyperrealistic pencil drawing, so I wanted to show this one too.

  3. A black & white save from the color film because I messed up the exposure enough that it was hard to get good color.