Puuhattu Antti

An ongoing series where people will be wearing a traditional handcrafted birch bark hat. This is Antti, a photographer himself too.

The first thought for this series started with a meme a long time ago. I always chuckled when I saw the birch bark hat picture, captioned "Mitäs täällä on puuhattu". (A pun in finnish. Think of it like "What's here" + "been happening / a wooden hat")

Later I stumbled on Peter Hollidays photo, Portrait of an Old Man Wearing Tuohi. I started reading up on birch crafts and how the skill is quite rare nowadays. I thought I could try to show the crafts somehow in an interesting contemporary context.

The series started as an exercise in trying to create very dignified portraits with the hat. After a few photos I realized that I prefer to find pictures in situations, instead of building them to match a mold, so the series will probably continue with some more spontaneus shots. If you'd like to participate in the series, message me on instagram.

The hats are from Tuohimuori (Birch bark grandma) and Design JaanaÖ.